Computer Science VS Computer Engineering

I have seen many debates about which major is more superior than another. The following source below is from University of Buffalo has a better explain of how distingue they are.

What is computer science?
Computer science (CS) is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency. The discipline emerged in the 1950s from the development of computability theory and the invention of the stored-program electronic computer. The roots of computer science extend deeply into mathematics and engineering. Mathematics imparts analysis to the field; engineering imparts design. The main branches of computer science are the following:
Algorithms is the study of effective and efficient procedures of solving problems on a computer.
Theory of computation concerns the meaning and complexity of algorithms and the limits of what can be computed in principle.
Computer architecture concerns the structure and functionality of computers and their implementation in terms of electronic technologies.
Software systems is the study of the structure and implementation of large programs. It includes the study of programming languages and paradigms, programming environments, compilers, and operating systems.
Artificial intelligence concerns the computational understanding of what is commonly called intelligent behavior and the creation of artifacts that exhibit such behavior.
Other important topics in computer science include computer graphics, databases, networks and protocols, numerical methods, operating systems, parallel computing, simulation and modeling, and software engineering.

What is computer engineering?
Computer engineering (CEN) is the design and prototyping of computing devices and systems. While sharing much history and many areas of interest with computer science, computer engineering concentrates its effort on the ways in which computing ideas are mapped into working physical systems. Emerging equally from the disciplines of computer science and electrical engineering, computer engineering rests on the intellectual foundations of these disciplines, the basic physical sciences and mathematics. The main branches of computer engineering are the following:
Networks is concerned with design and implementation of distributed computing environments, from local area networks to the World Wide Web.
Multimedia computing is the blending of data from text, speech, music, still image, video and other sources into a coherent datastream, and its effective management, coding-decoding and display.
VLSI systems involves the tools, properties and design of micro-miniaturized electronic devices (Very Large Scale Integrated circuits).
Reliable computing and advanced architectures considers how fault-tolerance can be built into hardware and software, methods for parallel computing, optical computing, and testing.
Other important topics in computer engineering include display engineering, image and speech processing, pattern recognition, robotics, sensors and computer perception.


Masterbate my math equation

Masturbation?? You might think how could I came up with such a nasty word. Well, I don’t know what would be a perfect word to express my feeling when I have to use all my brain cells to memory things before the exam.

From my personal experiences, let me tell you one of the facts about Computer Science students in my University, and count me as one of them. When we take a Math course which is taught by Math professor, we always have a feeling of being dominated by Math/Engineering students and professor. I don’t know why, such that everytime the Math students have to sit in front of the class and nod everything the professor said, while Computer Science students sit at the corner back of the room and crying. It is cruel, the lectures are full of math equations, the homeworks are all about the derivation of math equations, the text book is ten years old and full of math equations in every single pages. About three weeks after attending this class, I have an illusion of mathematics symbols like seeing Integral, summation symbols floating all around me. It is such a nightmare!

I am one of the Computer Science student who never enjoy working with math equation. Also, it has been ages since I have touch Calculus. This evening, for my Communication Networks class, we just had a midterm exam and to be able to kick the math students’s butt, I sacrificed myself three whole days remembering all the needed equations for the the midterm. Some of them I don’t know how to derive so, i just remember them all. When the professor handed the exam to me, I just wrote those ugly equations from my brain cells to the paper as fast as I can before I would forget. The feeling is nuts but it works like a charm, I almost throw up in the exam room…Anyway, the exam went very well. Thanks for all those chocolates, soda, sugar, I injected to myself.

Web blog and me?

I have been visiting many blogs these days and I found many of them are quite interesting, some of them are very useful and have motivated me. It is a good idea to have one for myself. But why web blog? I see many of people love doing it on hi5, but not for me. Is hi5 a blog? wait… what is the different between hi5 and web blog? Actually, I do have a hi5 and still visit there time to time, but not to be offense I feel it is like a dating or mate matching site, or whatever you want to call it.

So I want a place for free speech! and Yes! time is flying like arrow, I feel like my life is so short, many things I want to do. Bloging seems to be an interesting one, therefore, I am making it, and since I have been a Google fan boy, so I should start having my first blog with the Google parther which is I hope this will be a good place for me to write something out.

As I am writing now, I plan to dedicate this blog for my job professional, thoughts, some of my personal life styles and so on. At least for my private sake as for keep tracking what I have been doing lately. This year is the last year for me in Colorado, I have been living here almost 9 years, so, start from today and I am moving forward. 🙂


Whoo!, so cool, the editor I am typing has a spell checker feature implemented!. I am wondering in the future, we wouldn’t need MS word anymore, everyone can do theirs office work from a web browsers. Taking about web blog, as an experienced webmaster, creating a personal website today is a piece of cake like typing in word processor. They do everything for you from designing to publishing the web, except your own contents. A trade off, the tools help our life easier but we are also losing something…