Subversion hosting

Looking for a project hosting? If you need a SVN repository or GIT hosting, is a very neat project hosting service and I really recommend. Thier web application is very easy to use, also it has the ticketing systems, calendar, email notifications, SSH protocol, and some cool project management tools. I have created my account and been working my current compiler projects with them since last week, and I am very satisfied and impressed. Comparing to Google code which I have been using since last Fall and still. I like it a lot, its a free service, but I think it only suites for some type of projects. One thing that I don’t like about the Google project hosting is that it doesn’t let me set permission to allow public reading the project. This is bothered me, such that sometime I feel I need to have just my own private access to my project.

Not to be offense, Google makes me feel that everyone has been watching for their Internet activities. Every information that connected to the Internet is almost search able from Google. Years ago, I used to understand that there is a script that we can put in our file directories and we can set not to let the Google bot to crawl the files in such directories. Are those scripts still exist these days?

Got iGoogle?

One of my favourite modules from Google is a iGoogle, it is personalized homepage just like My Yahoo and MS Live. I have been using since the beginning of this year and have been falling in love with it. The Google Gadgets API is very cool, it allows users to create their own gadgets.

Some of the gadgets that attached for mine, very recommend.

“Quote of the day”
“Google Notebook”
“Places to See Before You Die”
“To-Do List”

“Google Calendar

“Google Reader”
For me, iGoogle helps me organize web things, it is very portable and does add lots of little tips to my everyday life.

Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data

To be able improve applicability, scalability, performance and availability in data storage for large data, the authors have implemented and deployed a distributed storage system which is called Bigtable, and this would be the main motivation of the paper. To manage large data, the system provides a simple data model for dynamic control over data layout and format for clients as describe as following paragraph.

For their contributions, the authors have spent roughly seven person-years on design and implementation. They have introduced an interesting model which a map data structure, the concept of row and column families, and time stamps which form the basic unit of access control and so on. Also the refinements and the performance evaluation which describes in the paper have shown an improvement. Three of the real applications or products have success by using the Bigtable implementation and concepts.

The paper’s single most noticeable deficiency already describes by the authors in the paper which are the following. For example, consideration of the possibility of multiple copies of the same data doesn’t count; a permission to let the user tell us what data belongs in memory and what data should stay on the disk rather than trying to determine this dynamically. Lastly, there are no complex queries to execute or optimize. The Bigtable seems to take to another whole level of manipulating the data, however my question is still concerned about the networking such that it seems to me that the latency plays an important role to be able to retrieve or display the result of queries. In my personal opinion, there is still a bottle neck because it is a distribute servers which require a high-performance network infrastructure to achieve the highest performance.

I would rate the significant of the paper 5/5(breakthrough) because of the Bigtable model system is amazing such that it could adapts to handle some very large data, and it has been used in many popular application that we have been using nowadays, for examples, Google products such as Google earth and Google analytics and etc. The concept of adding a new machine when it needs more performance to perform database operations is spectacularly. I believe that the Bigtable will be very useful in future use, and we will most likely to see the next coming products from such companies take this model to approve their use of database.

Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data, F. Chang, J. Dean, S. Ghemawat, W. Hsieh, D. Wallach, M. Burrows, T. Chandra, A. Fikes, and R. Gruber, Proc. of the 7th Conf. on USENIX Sym. on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, November 2006, pp. 205-218.

Web blog and me?

I have been visiting many blogs these days and I found many of them are quite interesting, some of them are very useful and have motivated me. It is a good idea to have one for myself. But why web blog? I see many of people love doing it on hi5, but not for me. Is hi5 a blog? wait… what is the different between hi5 and web blog? Actually, I do have a hi5 and still visit there time to time, but not to be offense I feel it is like a dating or mate matching site, or whatever you want to call it.

So I want a place for free speech! and Yes! time is flying like arrow, I feel like my life is so short, many things I want to do. Bloging seems to be an interesting one, therefore, I am making it, and since I have been a Google fan boy, so I should start having my first blog with the Google parther which is I hope this will be a good place for me to write something out.

As I am writing now, I plan to dedicate this blog for my job professional, thoughts, some of my personal life styles and so on. At least for my private sake as for keep tracking what I have been doing lately. This year is the last year for me in Colorado, I have been living here almost 9 years, so, start from today and I am moving forward. 🙂


Whoo!, so cool, the editor I am typing has a spell checker feature implemented!. I am wondering in the future, we wouldn’t need MS word anymore, everyone can do theirs office work from a web browsers. Taking about web blog, as an experienced webmaster, creating a personal website today is a piece of cake like typing in word processor. They do everything for you from designing to publishing the web, except your own contents. A trade off, the tools help our life easier but we are also losing something…