Install windows 7 without an external cd-dvd drive for Mavarick
 1. edit the info.plist inside the bootcamp assistant file
2. place the Mac model and Rom info into the config file.
3. remove “Pre” from the PreUSBBootSupportedModels
4. sign the code like the following:
 cocain:~ Pree$ sudo codesign -f -s – /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp Camp Assistant –deep /Applications/Utilities/Boot Camp Camp Assistant: replacing existing signature

cocain:~ Pree$

Obtaining real data set for experiment and concurrency computing

Prediction, scheduling, optimization and classification problem are becoming more complex. Relying on high-computation power for machine doesn’t guarantee that you would execute it fast enough. It depends on many factors, for example, the data set, the algorithm, heuristic function and so on. Parallel computation seems to be a good approach to solve the run time efficiency of the problem. Getting the data for an experiment is a painful job. Using the existing available data set from other would give you more headache due to the unbalance information. Developing a web crawler to automate gather information for the hetero-genus websites is another approach that we should consider using when obtaining some generic information. Why do it manually or hiring someone to key-type them in? Runni

I found my blog

Its good to get back to blogging and start writing things. It has been a year since my last post. I just know that my blog still existed somewhere on the internet. lets see what I can do to get it update somehow.

Subversion hosting

Looking for a project hosting? If you need a SVN repository or GIT hosting, is a very neat project hosting service and I really recommend. Thier web application is very easy to use, also it has the ticketing systems, calendar, email notifications, SSH protocol, and some cool project management tools. I have created my account and been working my current compiler projects with them since last week, and I am very satisfied and impressed. Comparing to Google code which I have been using since last Fall and still. I like it a lot, its a free service, but I think it only suites for some type of projects. One thing that I don’t like about the Google project hosting is that it doesn’t let me set permission to allow public reading the project. This is bothered me, such that sometime I feel I need to have just my own private access to my project.

Not to be offense, Google makes me feel that everyone has been watching for their Internet activities. Every information that connected to the Internet is almost search able from Google. Years ago, I used to understand that there is a script that we can put in our file directories and we can set not to let the Google bot to crawl the files in such directories. Are those scripts still exist these days?

100F here in Denver

It’s 100F here in Denver, the weather is hot like mad. I am taking a day break out of town to a city called Canon. The place is not far from Denver, it took about 3 hrs travelling by car. Yeah, I expected to see rocks, mountains and river again. Its same old things in Colorado but I had a great time and enjoy the day.

Warhammer online closed beta access

luckily, a beta access account of warhammer online is right here. Thanks for n’clay for lending me one. The retail of this game will release around september this year. Many people expect that this game will be a Wow killer. hmm..

Creating SVN on Ubuntu

Assume that you have installed the required apps, eg. apache, samba and such. After you config the configuration file, follow the commands below

sudo svnadmin create /var/lib/svn/$project
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/lib/svn/$project
sudo chmod -R g+ws /var/lib/svn/$project

Then, you can check out from your SVN repository server like http://locahost/svn/$project.

Diablo 3 is here

Blizzard has announced the development of Diablo 3 at WWI in France last week. There is no release date scheduled as of yet. Generally, they usually take approximately one to two years after the announcement. The diablo 3 gameplay is really cool, fully enhanced with 3d engine, and a lot more. So grab your old diablo 2 cds and install away.

Computer Science VS Computer Engineering

I have seen many debates about which major is more superior than another. The following source below is from University of Buffalo has a better explain of how distingue they are.

What is computer science?
Computer science (CS) is the systematic study of algorithmic methods for representing and transforming information, including their theory, design, implementation, application, and efficiency. The discipline emerged in the 1950s from the development of computability theory and the invention of the stored-program electronic computer. The roots of computer science extend deeply into mathematics and engineering. Mathematics imparts analysis to the field; engineering imparts design. The main branches of computer science are the following:
Algorithms is the study of effective and efficient procedures of solving problems on a computer.
Theory of computation concerns the meaning and complexity of algorithms and the limits of what can be computed in principle.
Computer architecture concerns the structure and functionality of computers and their implementation in terms of electronic technologies.
Software systems is the study of the structure and implementation of large programs. It includes the study of programming languages and paradigms, programming environments, compilers, and operating systems.
Artificial intelligence concerns the computational understanding of what is commonly called intelligent behavior and the creation of artifacts that exhibit such behavior.
Other important topics in computer science include computer graphics, databases, networks and protocols, numerical methods, operating systems, parallel computing, simulation and modeling, and software engineering.

What is computer engineering?
Computer engineering (CEN) is the design and prototyping of computing devices and systems. While sharing much history and many areas of interest with computer science, computer engineering concentrates its effort on the ways in which computing ideas are mapped into working physical systems. Emerging equally from the disciplines of computer science and electrical engineering, computer engineering rests on the intellectual foundations of these disciplines, the basic physical sciences and mathematics. The main branches of computer engineering are the following:
Networks is concerned with design and implementation of distributed computing environments, from local area networks to the World Wide Web.
Multimedia computing is the blending of data from text, speech, music, still image, video and other sources into a coherent datastream, and its effective management, coding-decoding and display.
VLSI systems involves the tools, properties and design of micro-miniaturized electronic devices (Very Large Scale Integrated circuits).
Reliable computing and advanced architectures considers how fault-tolerance can be built into hardware and software, methods for parallel computing, optical computing, and testing.
Other important topics in computer engineering include display engineering, image and speech processing, pattern recognition, robotics, sensors and computer perception.