Web blog and me?

I have been visiting many blogs these days and I found many of them are quite interesting, some of them are very useful and have motivated me. It is a good idea to have one for myself. But why web blog? I see many of people love doing it on hi5, but not for me. Is hi5 a blog? wait… what is the different between hi5 and web blog? Actually, I do have a hi5 and still visit there time to time, but not to be offense I feel it is like a dating or mate matching site, or whatever you want to call it.

So I want a place for free speech! and Yes! time is flying like arrow, I feel like my life is so short, many things I want to do. Bloging seems to be an interesting one, therefore, I am making it, and since I have been a Google fan boy, so I should start having my first blog with the Google parther which is blogger.com. I hope this will be a good place for me to write something out.

As I am writing now, I plan to dedicate this blog for my job professional, thoughts, some of my personal life styles and so on. At least for my private sake as for keep tracking what I have been doing lately. This year is the last year for me in Colorado, I have been living here almost 9 years, so, start from today and I am moving forward. 🙂


Whoo!, so cool, the editor I am typing has a spell checker feature implemented!. I am wondering in the future, we wouldn’t need MS word anymore, everyone can do theirs office work from a web browsers. Taking about web blog, as an experienced webmaster, creating a personal website today is a piece of cake like typing in word processor. They do everything for you from designing to publishing the web, except your own contents. A trade off, the tools help our life easier but we are also losing something…