Microsoft DreamSpark Gives Free Software to All Students

“Microsoft gives students access to technical software at no charge to inspire success and make a difference”
I just read a forward email from my Professor and found that the email is interested. Yes, Microsoft has been pushing theirs products to students to get used to their softwares, so that many of the students will most likely work with MS products after they graduated. This includes MS Visual studio, Window 2003 server and so on. In my opinion, these softwares are too expensive for student to own, approximately 300$ each?, so most of the students take alternate way by going to open sources or illegal softwares.
Microsoft already has the MSDN Academic program which is supported only specific universities. Now, It seems to me that they are distributing for all the student around the world by having a verification system such as International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card will become a standard for student to be able to download their software properly. Here they comes, another strategy. For those who would like to read more about DreamSpark, you can follow the following link,

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