World of Warcraft, a time drainer.

For the past months, I have been really hooked with the most popular online game in the world. The game is called “World of Warcraft“, a polished game from Blizzard Entertainment which is my favourite game development company. World of Warcraft is a very socialize and addicted online game. According to the news, there are currently 8 millions subscribers are subscribed to play this game.

So why I am telling you here about this game, because I have spent lots of my time killing monsters in the game. Three years ago, when the game was first released, it was so bored for me, I couldn’t handle doing the same thing over and over again, I couldn’t find any fun of it, so I went to look for something else to entertain my brain. How’s about having a robot to play the game for me while I study…. sounded fun to me.

I was in the scenes of Wowbot, ISXwow and Wowglider for a while, These softwares will play the game for you while you away from keyboard. They are third party software and against the game term of services. It is cheating!, some gamers take serious about the use of these kind of softwares, but I found it is quite interesting, the developers of the softwares are very talented and they already earned lots of money from their inventions. However, many players have been banned by using these softwares, because they can be detected by the anti-cheat program from Blizzard which is called “warden”.

For those people who don’t know about warden, it is a small program which integrated with the game, update itself dynamically. It acts like a spy ware, such that it looks at the user processes in memory or even read the user hard drive and scan for the suspicious botting programs, if it founds out that the user has such programs installed or running, that user game account would be flagged and most likely to get a banned stick.

Regarding to the software design, at that time, Wowglider were implemented in different way of others, instead of using code injection like Wowbot, Wowglider focused on the manipulation of the mouse and keyboard so it was harder for warden to detected. I am not so sure in detail of how the developers implemented those features, so I had better not to speak. About ISXwow, it is an extension of Innerspace program which is acted as layer between OS and game applications, so the software has more flexibility and can support many DirectX games. I also contributed by wrote a client-server application in JAVA language, it is a small tool which is hooked with the software, so that I could remotely monitor and control my cartoons from my workplace 60 miles away.

Since the warden has been released, the accounts which found out to be involved with third party softwares were banned from the game. The developers have been trying hard to avoid the warden detection. Due to the increment of banned users, Many of them had to stop the development of the program and released their product as a open source code under license.

There are many debates about the right of using these automate softwares or “botting” programs around Internet. Some people think it is cheating, but some people think it is another way they enjoy their game. So even they got banned, they will be happy to get a new copy of the game and come back to bot again.

In previous months, I began to play this game again(manualy at level 70), somehow I was hooked and can’t get away from my desk. I felt it need a rehab and finally I decided to quit playing the game after the release of 2.3 patch, with 1870 points for 2v2 Arena team for. For PVE, I was one of the founders and officers of the guild. I have lead my guild members from 10 man Karazhan to the 25 man Serpent shrine.

Due to the limited time I have, I must say good bye to this game. The game is great and it was fun while it last but you know what? I feel that I shouldn’t have played this game. It sucked too much time from my life. My suggestion is don’t ever think about playing it, trust me…it is really addicted. I see many kids playing this game like a full time job. It is sad.

Here are a clip and pic I left as a memorial of this game.

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